The Doppelgangaz – “Hark Back”

24 Feb


A couple weeks late, this is some dusty, menacing, retro NY rap with a real RZA/Boot Camp Clik flavour. Off of their upcoming album HARK. 

Young L – Atari

24 Feb


OK, so its Autotune, but the beat is thick, and its Young L, so cut some slack. Remember this?

Nu Brand Flexxx – “Chillin ‘N’ Billin'” ft. Darq E Freaker & Boyadee

16 Nov


Well this is fucking cool: Darq E Freaker, (who’s already had a hell of a year based off of one track in particular) teams up (rapping this time) with Boyadee and producer Nu Brand Flexxx for a banger that easily stands up to any of the multitude of U.S. acts pushing beat-minded, forward thinking hip-hop music right now. It’s always great to hear UK rappers spitting over something this forceful, current and sick that isn’t a grime track. The beat is a monster, trust. The videos cool, too, even if it is just some fancily shot footage of the guys styling over in Amsterdam. 

Capital Ode, Shawn K & Mouse Sucks – “No Love” & “Chuckie Finster”

16 Nov


So about a month ago, young NY dweller Mouse Sucks slipped this low-key gem under the radar, a collaboration with Capital Ode and Shawn K. Its simple and its pure, little more than a couple chords and a couple rickety drum hits laced with some perfectly considered, mellow raps. It all comes together to form something weirdly affecting out of its sparse components. Head over to Mouse Sucks’ Soundcloud and show some love, or at least indulge in some more listens. These guys are on to something. 

Oh and there’s more; a newer Mouse Sucks and Shawn K collaboration “Chuckie Finster”, which repeats the trick, but with a little more bass. Winning formula:


Kool A.D. – “Manny Pacquiao”

9 Nov


And there’s more straight Bay Area flavoured nonsense here in Kool A.D.’s video for “Manny Pacquiao”, one of the standout tracks from the Das Racist members solo tape 51. For my money its one of the best tapes of the year; I’m a convert to A.D.’s stunted, lazy-ass delivery, especially when they’re perfectly married to his off-the-cuff, sly humour. The video’s dope aswell: the guys really watchable, and it helps that it features him and his cohorts (including Lakutis) toting a rifle on a farm, trying to feed some pizza to a goat, and dancing straw-hatted in a pool. Get the free tape here, you won’t regret it. 

Iamsu! & Jay Ant – “Stoopid” (Official Video)

9 Nov


So an official video has finally dropped for the title track from unquestionably one of the straight up funnest hip-hop projects of the year. Iamsu! has really been making waves this year, and rightfully so: kid has a nimble, slippery flow and a gift for witty, tongue twisting shit talking. Jay Ant is no slouch either, and this track epitomizes how they work so well over the course of the full-length mixtape that they dropped a while back. The video isn’t much more than the pair of them nodding heads and mugging at the camera, but these guys get by half the time on force of personality alone, so it pretty much fits. Cop that tape here

Trade Voorhees – “Zodiac”

30 Oct

“If I had a million dollars, I’d probably be stupid and spend it faster than all these other stupid rappers, so whats the point in tryna make it happen?”



Well, this kind of came out of nowhere: this Trade Voorhees character is new to me, but he’s certainly made an impression. Over a beat that starts out light and soulful but, once the strings come in, ends up majestic, Voorhees spits some pretty nice, self-depreciating raps, thankfully non-sanctimonious swipes at the current culture, and a couple heartfelt trips down memory lane. One of those songs where the rapper seems to get more and more into it as the beat behind him builds. The low budget video is pretty striking too, featuring Voorhees in a blood-stained shirt, sawing off the foot of a body in a bathtub and maniacally rapping at the camera while swinging a hammer. Taken from the Saturday the 14th Part II mixtape, which features more self-produced jams and an AiM beat, and can be copped here


(via. Cracked Atoms)


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